• June 7, 2023

G9 Aim ads introduces its new range of digital signage displays

 G9 Aim ads introduces its new range of digital signage displays

Easier to operate, increased recall rate, content management through mobile
based application, digital signage display is now the first choice for

Digital signage on the other hand can be displayed in the matter of a few clicks

The Gx- Series is the true commercial grade digital signage display series and comes with 3mm tempered glass on front for protection and durability

The use of digital signage displays is quite widespread now. For advertising, building brand awareness and delivering information about a company’s products and services with the aid of high-quality graphics and videos, digital signage display is the easiest option and today the industry is worth more than $20 billion. Digital signage is also about increasing the customer experience. Consumers are now accustomed to accessing information on screens of all sizes and it makes sense to add the digital dimension in the brick-and-mortar store. If you think that low prices and large inventories alone would do the job, it’s time to think beyond.

It is said that 60% of people make their purchasing decisions at the point of sale. So it is important to influence their purchasing decisions. Now digital signage with a combination of text, attractive images, graphics or videos could strongly influence them. A recent survey has found out that 80% of brands that use digital signage displays experience an increase in sales of up to 33%. Digital signage also eliminates the need for printing thereby avoiding the use of printed materials like brochures or posters. These traditional printed materials like brochures or posters cannot be used again for the next season as it needs to be replaced with new content. Digital signage on the other hand can be displayed in the matter of a few clicks. The new design can also easily be sent and displayed in other stores or branches in a matter of minutes. It is also important for branding purposes. 

Digital signage can be also used creatively with social media content, RSS feeds and weather updates. It can stream videos about products and services to help drive overall brand messaging. If your brand wants to create a fan base in social media channels the digital signage can help do it by displaying asking youngsters to join the page. Or you can announce exciting offers and promos for fans that follow the brand page on social media.

If you are wondering how effective is digital signage displays for advertising, read this- when the display uses video it results in higher recall compared to static ads. The increase isn’t some small amount, either. When the effects of digital billboards were studied, 83% of people recalled at least one ad they were shown over the past 30 days. 65% recalled 2 and nearly half – 47% – recalled 3. That doesn’t necessarily mean every video in digital signage display could grab attention of the consumers. The content also plays a huge role in it. For better recall and retention of consumers the content should be an effective combination of text, graphics and video.


Fx-Series is a range of free standing floor displays with modern and innovative designs that are perfect for retail environment. Built in MS structures these are balanced, sturdy and robust. The available sizes include from 32” – 55”. All the digital signage displays are enabled with customer and content management through a web and mobile based application. It is designed as a complete online and offline solution to display the message and information real-time.

CX- Series 

The CX-series of digital signage range with sizes available from 24” 75” comes with bezel less display with ultra high-definition display. It is also available in portrait and landscape orientation and has a 12 hour working capacity. Content management can be done through a web and mobile based application.

Gx- Series

The Gx- Series is the true commercial grade series and comes with 3mm tempered glass on front for protection and durability. It can be operated 24/7 with a DC power input. Both portrait and landscape mode can be used. Every model has free one year CMS subscription.  


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