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Crompton Pump – Road Show with Product Display

 Crompton Pump – Road Show with Product  Display

Mobile van advertising is a novel way to advertise or brand promotion. Earlier only small
vehicles were used for mobile van advertising. But now they are big enough not to miss
out while on the road

Mobile van advertising conveys their brand message in a subtle yet impactful way. You might have noticed vehicles parked at some crowded place in front of a mall or near to the side of highways. They are usually attractive and it is often unable to avoid looking at it. In the clutter of advertisements the brands are looking for advertising tactics that make advertisements a part of the routine rather than an intrusion in the daily routine of the consumer.

Mobile vans are vehicles designed specifically for promotional purposes. As they are designed for advertisement purposes they come along with fixtures that hold the advertisement panels. These vans move across the cities or are parked at locations with high footfall of customers or target audience converge. It can be also taken through a busy road just like any other vehicle and can attract attention of potential customers. It can also be used as stand-alone advertising medium or can be a part of a multi-dimensional advertising campaign.

BMW India has used this kind of tactics to advertise their X3 model car in Jharkhand. Unlike other mobile van advertisements, BMW had used larger vehicles creating a unique impact on the target audience. While advertising on smaller mobile van advertising vehicles is common, BMW has broken that mould to stand distinctively from others. It provides a very elegant view as it has both side front-lit board which is movable in nature with hydraulic suspension. Another advantage is that it can be implemented in urban as well as rural area. 

The advantages of implementing mobile van advertising 

Mobile van advertising is very impactful yet in a very subtle way. It doesn’t interrupt the audience or the target audience like other mediums like radio or TV do. They remain as a part of the place for a while and moved to some other location on the next day. Imagine a busy intersection and mobile van advertisement can be placed somewhere near to it without disturbing the traffic and still capturing the attention of audience. 

It can also reach beyond boundaries. In other cases the audience must have to be near an OOH installation to view the message. Here mobile van advertising can literally take the message right in front of your doorstep. In other words it gives mobility to your message. Wherever the van will move, it will take your advertisement resulting into mass reach and greater visibility.

The message can be delivered to your target audience loud and clear. Although, mobile van advertising is not ‘in to the face’ kind of promotional tactics but the large size advertising panels on big size vehicles cannot go unnoticed.

It is cost-effective. A hoarding at prime spot could cost you several lakhs depending on the duration. But mobile van advertising is certainly one of the most cost-effective outdoor advertising as it offers a package of better visibility, mass reach and effective communication in one vehicle. 

As mobile van advertising is not restricted to one place, the communication message reaches to one and all. The advertisement helps to create a new market by making its presence feel and pushes the potential buyers to make the move of buying a particular product or service.

In many avatars 

Mobile van advertising can be implemented in different ways. As it is a versatile medium of advertising, it can be used in various ways for promoting a product or a service depending on the kind of response you wish to get from the target audience.

Chances are high that you have met the most popular kind- that is of the delivery vans. It delivers two purposes. The delivery and the advertising! Many brands use their delivery vans as promotional tools. Brands lace the delivery vans with large size advertisements with brand’s logo and tag line for brand awareness and brand recall purposes.

Several telecommunication providers, two wheel manufacturers use mobile van advertising as Live Kiosks. Some brands which deliver free samples to the target audience also use it as live kiosk to gather some useful information like mobile number or to do customer preferences survey. Similarly, these live kiosks can be used for offering trials and demos for promoting a particular brand or service. There are fabricated vehicles which can be used for road shows.

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